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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Flex $ and Dining $?

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What are Vending Funds?
Vending Funds are dollars that you can use in select vending machines. You have $10 of vending funds included in your meal plan.

What is a Cash Equivalency?
You can trade in a dining meal for $8.75 worth of food items from one our retail food locations, up to 200 times per academic year at a maximum of four cash equivalences per day.

For the weekly meal plans, what day does the week begin?
The weekly plans reset on Monday at 12:00 a.m. This means your weekly allotment of meals runs from Monday to end of day Sunday.

Can I use a Cash Equivalency at night at The Lazy Scholar?
Yes, residence Dining Plan and Optional Tax Exempt Plan holders have 200 Cash Equivalency meals per academic year as part of their meal plan. These can be used in select retail locations, including The Lazy Scholar at night.

How much can I spend in the retail locations on a Cash Equivalency?
In exchange for one meal from the residence dining halls, you can visit one of our retail locations and spend up to $8.75. You can then use cash, Flex $ or Dining $ for the remaining balance of purchases greater than the $8.75.

Can I use my meal plan in the retail locations?
Residence Dining Plan and Optional Tax Exempt Plan holders have 200 Cash Equivalency meals per year as part of their meal plan. These meals can be used in our retail locations. In addition, you can use your Flex $ & Dining $ for purchases in our retail locations.

Can I bring a friend to the dining hall and can he/she use my meal plan? ?
Your meal plan is for your use only and you may not lend or borrow a meal card. However, you may use cash, Flex $ or Dining $ to buy your friend a meal in our dining halls. If you are on a Residence Dining Plans, you can use one of you five (5) guest passes to treat your friend to a meal at the discounted price of $4.00.

How many meals do you serve per week?
Our dining halls are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday. On weekends, breakfast, brunch and dinner is available on Saturday. On Sunday, breakfast and brunch are available. We serve approximately  20 meals per week.

Is there a deadline to purchase my meal plan?
Some deadlines do apply. Students on a Residence Dining Plan should select their meal plan before September 1st. If you find you have selected a meal plan that does not meet your needs, you can change to another plan any time before September 30, 2014. Optional meal plans can be purchased any time before March 30, 2015.  Dining$ can be purchased at any time during the academic year.

Can I receive a refund for meals I did not use during the academic year?
Meal plans are non-refundable. As a result, even a partial refund is not available. The cost of your meal plan is structured to cover the operating expenses of the food service operations. An average number of missed meals is already factored into the cost of your plan. We do this to keep the overall cost of your meal plan as low as possible.

Why can’t my unused meals carry over to the next academic year?
Tax regulations require that a tax exempt meal plan have a defined term and be non-refundable.

How many weeks are there in a school year?
The academic year is approximately 32 weeks long.